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Precision Metal Stampings
Est. 1941

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All engineering is performed in house, controlling the design and quality of all the tooling and specialized equipment used at our facility. We will work with your engineering department to ensure that the stamping we produce will meet your specifications. In addition, we can help in the design of new parts or re-engineer existing parts. This allows us to create a stamping which fully utilizes the unique properties of our equipment. Our ability to integrate design with modern production techniques has led to dramatic savings for our customers. In one case, our improved fastener, re-engineered from a screw machine part to run on a Multi-Slide® Machine, resulted in annual savings of over $250,000 for the customer.  Back to top

Material Expertise

With more than 65 years of experience in the stamping business, Automatic Stamp Products has produced precision metal stampings in a variety of raw materials. These include, but are not limited to, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, beryllium copper, nickel, gold, silver, galvanized steel, and other pre-plated and coated materials. Our suppliers are ISO and/or TS certified to assure you that the raw material we use to make your stamping meet your specifications.  Back to top

Tool and Die Department

Automatic Stamp Products maintains a tool and department to ensure the quality, on time delivery, and maintenance of all our tooling and equipment.

  • New Tooling and Specialized Equipment: All new tooling is designed and built as Class A tooling. Our engineering department produces assembly drawings and details drawings of all the component parts. This ensures that the tooling and equipment will produce the same quality part over the life of your stamping.
  • Existing Tooling and Specialized Equipment: If you have existing tooling or specialized equipment at another supplier, Automatic Stamp Products will assist you in moving the tooling or equipment to our facility. We will thoroughly examine the tooling or equipment and upgrade where needed so that the tooling or equipment will produce your stamping to your specifications for the life of the stamping.
  • Tool, Die, and Specialized Equipment Maintenance: In order for the tooling or specialized equipment to produce the stamping to your specifications it must be maintained to its original specifications. By controlling the assembly and detail drawings we can reproduce any part of the tooling or specialized equipment to its original specifications for the life of the stampings. For example, we are still running tooling that was designed and built by Automatic Stamp Products in the late 1940ís. With meticulous maintenance that tooling is still producing the same quality stamping to our customerís specification as it did when it was new over 60 years ago.
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Prototype Work

We will work with your engineering department to design or re-engineer your stamping. We can produce prototype parts for you for the testing of your stamping.  Back to top

Quality Control

Automatic Stamp Products is committed to a quality management system that makes quality an essential business principal. This strategy is based on the following:

  • Commitment to quality procedures, practices and continual improvement
  • Meeting customer quality requirements and expectations
  • Competitive pricing
  • On time delivery

We use standard gaging, custom built gages, and our vision measuring system, which are calibrated to national standards, to measure your parts. We can generate the documents you need such as first piece, PPAP, and periodic reports. We are able to produce your parts to national and international standards, such as UL standards. All of this, plus our commitment to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, assures you that your stampings are made to world-class standards.  Back to top


Your parts will be packaged to your needs and placed on skids, if necessary. Containers used include cardboard boxes, bags, drums, gaylords, custom made containers, your supplied containers, or any other packaging you specify. We will then ship it to you FOP our dock via your approved transportation company to anywhere in the world.  Back to top