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Precision Metal Stampings
Est. 1941

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Markets Served

Automatic Stamp Products serves a wide range of markets. Current and former markets include major appliance, small appliance, lighting, small electric motor, consumer products, home gas meter, commercial shelving, fastener, chilling equipment, office equipment, automotive, aerospace, metal roofing and gutters, door lock, industrial control, locomotive, circuit breaker, and military. We have always strived to serve a diverse market base and look forward to serving you whether you fall into markets we already serve or you serve an entirely new market.  Back to top


Automatic Stamp Products serves a diverse customer base from the very small operation to fortune 100 companies. We have been serving some of these customers for more than 60 years. No matter what your size, Automatic Stamp Products will provide to you all the services necessary to produce your stampings to your specifications.  Back to top